17.7 inches (45 centimeters)

Epee is made of an alloy of aluminum and brass.
- Completely handmade.
- Face and paws are made of polymer clay and colored with pastels.
- Glass eyes.
- Wire armeture. Fully Posable.
- Made from high quality Faux Fur.
- Can not be washed.

Sending off within 2 working days.

Regular Russian Post. Delivery period is 10-60 days, tracking, no insurance. 

Should you prefer an expedited express delivery (7-20 days, depends on country and customs) please be so kind as to contact me before placing the order, since it will be additionally charged. 

All of the packages will not be insured and they will all be marked as a 'gift' with the total value of 20 EUR per each package. 
Should you prefer me to mark it's full value or insure your package please let me know. Insurance will be charged additionally. 
I do not take any responsibility for the loss of the package or the breakage of the toy during the shipping. Please kindly note that I've shipped over a 100 packages now and not one of them was lost or damaged on its way.
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