This mini Little Bo Peep is 4 1/2 inches tall alone and 6 1/2 inches as a piece standing on her Shepard's Hill pincushion.  Bo Peep is created from short dense alpaca fur, blue glass eyes, appliqued padded ultra suede paw pads, embroidered waxed nose.  She wears a Liberty of London cotton lawn print dress and a hand knit sweater vest of cashmere/ silk blend yarns.  Her lost sheep can be found as buttons wandering around the edge of her vest amounst embroidered flowers and button bees.  I have also crocheted flowers for her head which include bluebells plus others.  

The pincushion  I have created for her to stand on includes her crook, button pins, wool felt flower, wooden silk thread spool.  Bo Peep is secured with a ribbon bow and can be easily removed.

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