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I will make for you to order: Sweet baby mousling like shown in the

photos, each one is OOAK,no one is the same also I can gt a little alikeness if you wish,but each one has a very own expression. When I got the payment you can tell me your special wishes and I will start with the head

and you will get photos with email when the head is finished, so you

can watch your special baby mousling comming to life. The shown photos are from already adopted baby mouslings that are living now all over the world.

The little

baby mousling is handsewn from High Quality Faux-Fur that is needle-

and scissor-sculptured and handcoloured in some parts, the little nose

is handsculptured and painted with Acrylic colours and sprinkled with

fairy-dust that is beautiful shimmering and glittering.

The arms

and legs are handsewn from best German Schulte Alpaca or Mohair matching the colour of the faux fur, the

paw-pads are needle-sculptured and all is coloured with airbrush. The faux fur is scissor-sculptured.


can let me know if you want a boy or girl baby mousling and also can

tell me your personelle wishes weather you want a collar or bow in a

special colour. Also you can tell me if you want your baby mousling to

wear a handmade little winter hat and scarf for example- or instead also a

little veste may be. Also here you can tell me your colour wishes and

can choose from light blue, light pink, pink, light brown taupe. All

will be handmade from a very cozy Mohair yarn by me.

Please contact me with your special wishes.
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mouse, mousling, baby bear, miniature, faux fur, handsewn, utebears, fantasy critter

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