Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bear.Center

Bear.Center is market place focused on promoting and selling handcrafted art bears.

Who are behind Bear Center

If you would like to know more about the creators of Bear Center, then please take a look at our About Us page. There we introduce ourselves and tell why we created this site.

Why do I see all kinds of odd prices ?

By default we convert all price currencies to your countries native currency. For example if you are visiting from England you will see all prices in great British pounds. You can change the displayed currency in the top right corner of the page. Our artists can set their prices in either USD, AUD, GBP or EUR. Once you go to PayPal for checking out, you will pay in the currency they have set. 

Do I need to use a Credit Card ?

No ! We do not keep any credit card records nor do we require a credit card to sign up, sell or purchase any of the creations on Bear.Center All that you need is a PayPal account. This way we will never have access to your financial data and everything is nice and safe :D

My login is not working, what can I do ?

If you cannot login please do make sure you pressed the 'confirm email' button in the confirmation email we sent you. If you cannot find the confirmation email, then please check your spam folder, it might have ended up there.

If you still have a problem then please do contact us via and we'll get you sorted :)

Does it cost anything to register as a seller ?

While we are building our community you can register and place your creations for free. During this time we will be discussing with our Artists what would be a fear price point to charge.

You can always leave feedback about this either in the forum or by sending your feedback to Any and all feedback will be seriously considered. We might be using a subscription package or just a small commission. Maybe we can offer a single fee per sale. Let us know what you would prefer in the forum post.

We most definitely want to keep a free tier where you are just able to try us out.

Remeber, Bear Center is all about it's Artists, so let your voice be heard !

Does each seller have there own page or store ?

Yes they do ! You as an artist get your own page where people can find your biography and all the creations you have for sale and those you have sold. In the near future we will expand on this so you can also personalize this space. If you have any suggestions or interests in this, then please let us know on the forum ! You can find an example of this right here at : Lies & Lot Art Bears.

What happens when my creation is sold here ?

If someone buys your creation here on Bear Center they will directly pay you through PayPal.

You will also receive an email containing the order and the address of the customer that you will need to send the package to. Included will be all contact information of the customer in case you have a question.

All that is left is to make sure you remove or set your creation on sold on other sites that you might have placed your creation on :)

What do I need to do when my creation is sold somewhere else ?

As soon as you are able you'll need to click on your creation here on Bear Center, and set the creation to 'sold'. This way you limit the chance that someone buys it here as well. That's all you have to do :)

Someone already bought my creation on an other site and here as well, now what ?

We understand that you want to spread your chances and post your creations on multiple sites. Of course this might lead to a double sale once in a while. The best thing you can do is go to your paypal account and find the transaction. Choose which one your like to keep and refund the other one. Don't forget to inform the customer about the incident !

How and when can I cancel my subscription ?

If you have a subscription, you can cancel it at any time either through Paypal or from your profile at our site ! Your account will be able to benefit from the subscription during the current runtime and will fall back to a free account when the next billing period would have started.

Got an other question ?

Please direct any questions you might have to and we'll answer them as soon as possible.